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28 Dec 2006

Earthquake in Asia, Spam Plummets Email
An earthquake on Tueday near Taiwan caused widespread disruption to telephone and Internet networks. The quake affected an area of the sea bottom with a lot of undersea cables that broke, and since there is only a limited number of cable repair ships, it will take at least weeks to fish them up and splice them.

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16 Dec 2006

In the UK, it's illegal to sell sucker lists to pornographers Email
In a story reported yesterday at, and in the Milton Keynes local paper, Microsoft win a suit against Paul McDonald (a/k/a Gary Webb) for illegally selling e-mail addresses.

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12 Dec 2006

Oklahoma Anti-Spammer Loses Big in Court Email
In November, Mark Mumma, who runs a little design firm at, lost an appeal in the Fourth Federal Circuit. He'd filed suit against and their parent Omega World Travel under CAN SPAM and an Oklahoma anti-spam law. Omega countersued for defamation. The court threw out Mumma's case, and allowed part of the defamation case to proceed. At first blush, this looks like a big win for spammers.

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We're from the Government, and We're Here to Spam You Email
I was somewhat surprised to get spam last week from the United States Postal Service. It was advertising a new feature of Click-N-Ship, a web shipping service, sent to an address that I think I gave them when I signed up to try out some other online system for validating postal mail addresses. The message did not have the postal mailing address of the sender (pretty ironic, huh?) nor opt-out instructions, both of which are mandatory under CAN SPAM. Did the USPS break the law?

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