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17 May 2006

Blue Security Is Kaput Email

Wired reports that Blue Security shut down yesterday. It's a little hard to make sense of the explanations offered, but as best I can make out, after Blue Security's clumsy attempts to deal with a denial of service attack clobbered several other web sites, the owners appear to have pulled the plug.

The investors say the technology has other uses, so we may not have heard the last of this bad idea.

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12 May 2006

March of the Frogs Email
As I predicted last week in
this blog entry on Blue Security, the Frog's fans leapt to its defense, with a blizzard of more or less interchangable outraged messages, often refuting points I never made. Oddly, very few comments appeared on the recent message that was at the top of the blog's home page, but instead on an earlier message I wrote last July. Huh?

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03 May 2006

Spam defense or video game? Email
The blogosphere is abuzz with stories about an allegedly titanic battle between Blue Security and some spammers. Blue Security, as you probably know, distributes a freeware program called Blue Frog that is supposed to crush spammers by hammering on their web sites with gazillions of opt out requests or something like that. For a variety of reasons, the mainstream anti-spam community has never thought much of this approach, but every criticism only leads Blue Frog's partisans to leap ever more forcefully to its defense. (See, for example, the comments on
my note about them last year, and the comments that will doubtless be posted on this message, too.) This latest round made me realize that Blue Frog makes perfect sense if you think of it as a video game, or perhaps a fashion accessory, rather than as an anti-spam tool.

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