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16 Feb 2006

Reflection on new TLDs ICANN
While pondering the renewal prospects for the three sponsored TLDs, .aero, .museum, and .coop, I went back and looked at the original applications for those and also for the unsponsored TLDs approved at the same time, .BIZ, .INFO, .NAME, and .PRO. Two lessons leapt out at me

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14 Feb 2006

How Bad is Goodmail? Email
Goodmail Systems made a big splash last week when AOL and Yahoo announced that they will be giving preferential treatment to mail that uses Goodmail's CertifiedEmail service, claiming (implausibly) that this has something to do with stopping spam.. Since Goodmail charges senders for each message, some people see this as the end of e-mail as we know it. I have my concerns about Goodmail, but a lot of the concerns are either overblown or based on bad reporting.

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01 Feb 2006

More TLDs: why and how ICANN

This is a joint posting; John Levine is posting it to his blog and Paul Hoffman is posting it to his blog.

Susan Crawford, a new member of the ICANN board, asked about auctions and lotteries for new gTLDs. Lots of people responded in the comments, and then the two of us kind of took over. We have now stopped, and are posting here.

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