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29 Jul 2006

It's not spam because we're nice Email
Here are some excerpts from an all too typical exchange I recently had with an e-mail service bureau (usually called an ESP for Email Service Provider.) It started when I sent them a boilerplate spam complaint, one of about a thousand a day I send for spam that either hits my spamtraps or gets caught in the spam filters.

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20 Jul 2006

Another try at proof-of-work e-postage Email
Another paper from the
Fifth Workshop on the Economics of Information Security, (WEIS 2006) is Proof of Work can Work by Debin Liu and L, Jean Camp of Indiana University. Proof of work (p-o-w) systems are a variation on e-postage that uses computation rather than money. A mail sender solves a lengthy computational problem and presents the result with the message. The problem takes long enough that the sender can only do a modest number per time period, and so cannot send a lot of messages, thereby preventing spamming. But on a net full of zombies, proof of work doesn't work.

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Does pump and dump spam work? Email
I've been reading some of the very interesting papers from the
Fifth Workshop on the Economics of Information Security, (WEIS 2006), held last month in Cambridge (UK). Rainer Boehme and Thorsten Holz's paper The Effect of Stock Spam on Financial Markets is the first analysis I have seen of pump and dump spam, and comes to the dismaying conclusion that it works.

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19 Jul 2006

What's up with DKIM Email
The DKIM working group in the IETF has been making good progress. We now have a draft of
an overview document as well as an updated and, with any luck, final version of the threats document. The main spec for DKIM signatures seems to be close enough to done for a "last call" for complaints and comments.

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