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20 Sep 2006

Spamhaus Loses Court Case for $11 Million, Except They Didn't Email
Reports in the press have been saying that the
Spamhaus Project lost an $11 million dollar lawsuit in Chicago to mailer e360 Insight. Technically it's true, in reality, it's not.

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Stable link is gets blacklisted Email

I run a service called that provides a contact database for people to use to report spam and other network abuse. One of the ways people can use it is to register and then forward mail through it, so that for example mail to is remailed to whatever the abuse contact is for

Last Friday (while I was on the way to a meeting at an undisclosed location east of Seattle) someone sent me a note telling me that mail sent through was bouncing:

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10 Sep 2006

Pump and dump still works Email
In July I
wrote about a paper on pump and dump spam by Böhm and Holz. A more recent paper by Frieder and Zittrain takes a more detailed look and comes to the same conclusion, that pump and dump works for the spammers.

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