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30 Jan 2006

Court rules for Google in cache copyright case Copyright Law

In a widely noted decision, a Nevada judge has handed down a ruling in favor of Google in a case in which attorney Blake Field sued Google for copyright infringement due to Google's web page cache keeping copies of his material. Read comments by the EFF, Red Herring, and Larry Lessig's blog.

I am Google's technical expert in the case, and as you might expect, I am pleased that the judge found our position, including my report and declaration, so persuasive.

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18 Jan 2006

DKIM and Mailing Lists Email
It's fairly straightforward to see how DKIM applies to normal mail--I send the mail, my mail system signs it, you get it, and you check the signature from my mail system. But it's a lot less clear what the best approach is for mailing lists, the discussion type that forward messages from members out to the list.

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06 Jan 2006

DKIM working group chartered Email
The IETF finally chartered a working group to create a DKIM standard earlier this week. See
this notice which includes the text of the charter and the rather aggressive schedule:

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02 Jan 2006

Time to renew .coop, .museum, and .aero ICANN
Way back in 2000-2001, ICANN approved a handful of new top level domains, and entered into agreements with their promoters. Three of the sponsored domains, are coming up for renewal next year, so they've sent in their
renewal proposals. A sponsored domain is one that restricts who can register to members of a particular community, in this case respectively co-ops, museums, and the airline industry. Let's take a look and see how they're doing.

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