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25 May 2007

ICANN says Registerfly domains moving to another registrar ICANN

In an entry in the ICANN blog, Paul Levins says they've arranged to move Registerfly's domains to another registrar. They won't say who the other registrar is beyond "an existing accredited Registrar with a demonstrated record of customer service" which could be just about anyone other than Registerfly. They have "most" of the registrant data.

All is to be unveiled next week. In the meantime, read the comments on the blog entry about domains that are expired, domains that have gone into the redemption period and eNom (for whom RF used to be a reseller) wants a large ransom, and other screwups. Even if the new registrar is utterly wonderful, there's going to be lots of pieces to pick up.

(Thanks to Larry Seltzer who noticed the ICANN blog entry. He also noted that, astonishingly, Registerfly's web site still purports to sell domains and will take your money, although judging from the blog complaints, the actual process ends after the take your money part.)

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