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29 Apr 2007

Better not have any of these e-mail addresses Email

From a recent mailing from Performics (soon to be part of Google) about an affiliate program I just added to my account:

One important point about your ongoing communications with Performics. We use an industry-leading email communications platform that has some stringent delivery requirements. Unfortunately the system does not recognize some common prefixes. ...
List of undeliverable email prefixes:
abuse@, admin@, alerts@, blacklist@, blackhole, bulkmail@, contact@, devnull@, domain@, domreg@, domtech@, email@, ftp@, help@, hostmaster@, hr@, info@, information@, it@, jobs@, mailer-daemon@, maps@, marketing@, news@, noc@, nospam@, postmaster@, privacy@, rbl@, remarks@, root@, route@, sales@, security@, spam@, spamtrap@, support@, techsupport@, test@, usenet@, uucp@, webmaster@, webteam@, www@

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18 Apr 2007

ICANN to Registerfly: we really REALLY mean it this time ICANN

ICANN's web site has a press release saying that the were granted a temporary restraining order on Monday requiring that Registerfly cough up all the info on their registrants, or else.

My assumption all along has been that the reason that Registerfly hasn't provided full info is because they don't have it. ICANN agrees that they got partial data last month, and it's hard to imagine a reason that Registerfly would have given them some of the data but deliberately held back the rest. I guess we'll know soon enough.

By the way, I hear that ICANN plans to implement their registrar escrow policy, the one that's been in the contracts since 2000, pretty soon.

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