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29 Mar 2007

Registerfly victims are really stuck now ICANN

Last week I noted here that cutting off collapsed domain Registerfly will leave a huge problem for registrants. ICANN is supposed to have escrowed copies of each registrar's registrant data, but has never got around to setting that up. This means that unless Registerfly can supply the data, there may be no record of the actual owner of their domains.

According to a story by AP reporter Nick Jesdanun, it looks like that's the case:

ICANN said it may automatically transfer customers to a competing registrar, but it said it does not have all the necessary data, largely because of the use of anonymous proxy services.

I would ask what ICANN thinks they're doing, but what's the point?

Update: ICANN's lawyers sent Registerfly another letter saying they better cough up that registrant data pronto Or Else. At this point it's hard to imagine why Registerfly wouldn't have provided the data if they had it, so my working assumption continues to be that they don't.

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17 Mar 2007

ICANN terminates Registerfly. Now what? ICANN
ICANN's website headlines
Termination of Registrar Accreditation Agreement. While it is high time that ICANN dealt with this long-standing problem, simply cutting them off may just make it worse.

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12 Mar 2007

So much for stability and security ICANN

The first sentence of the ICANN bylaws states:

The mission of The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ("ICANN") is to coordinate, at the overall level, the global Internet's systems of unique identifiers, and in particular to ensure the stable and secure operation of the Internet's unique identifier systems.
That seems like a reasonable goal, doesn't it?

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06 Mar 2007

Why I left the ICANN At Large Advisory Committee ICANN
For about the last two years, I was a member of ICANN's At Large Advisory Commitee (ALAC), the group charged with representing the interests of ordinary Internet users within ICANN. In case anyone is wondering, here's why I'm not on the ALAC any more.

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05 Mar 2007

In Bad Taste ICANN
So-called domain tasting is one of the more unpleasant developments in the domain business in the past year. Domain speculators are registering millions of domains without paying for them, in a business model not unlike running a condiment business by visiting every fast food restaurant in town and scooping up all of the ketchup packets.

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