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30 Nov 2007

Well, It's About Time ICANN

A press release from Iron Mountain says that ICANN has now formally chosen them as the escrow agent for the Registrar Data Escrow program. So now, only six and a half short years and one highly public registrar collapse after the mandatory escrow was put into the registrar agreement, ICANN has finally gotten around to setting it up.

The next question is whether the registrars will actually make the escrow deposits, and what if anything will ICANN do when they don't. The big responsible registrars will, of course, but the marginal ones most likely not to escrow are the ones most likely to collapse. Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter.

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24 Nov 2007

USA Today: Spam Is Bad Email
A reasonably well informed article in Thursday's USA Today reminds us that in 2004 Bill Gates said the spam problem would be solved in early 2006, but here at the end of 2007 there's more spam than ever.

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19 Nov 2007

It's not spam if it looks sort of personal Email
Bennett Haselton writes
in Slashdot about a case he lost in small claims court in which a poorly briefed small claims judge decided against him. The defendant claimed it was indovidual mail, and although the mail is to us an obvious link exchange spam, the judge concluded otherwise because it started "Dear Webmaster."

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