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23 Jun 2007

Squeegee domains ICANN
When I was growing up, one of the annoyances of life in New York City was
squeegee men. When your car was stopped at a light, these guys would run up, make a few swipes at your windshield with a squeegee, then look menacing until you gave them a tip.

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CAN SPAM applies even within a single provider Email
I recently came across a copy of
a ruling in the bizarre case of MySpace vs. was the ultimate bubble company. It started up here in Ithaca, and went public at the peak of hysteria with one of the the greatest one-day price runups ever. Since then they bought and sold a variety of busineses, none of which ever made any money, including the Voiceglo VoIP service which appears to be what the spam was promoting.

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02 Jun 2007

.travel gets a last minute reprieve ICANN
According to
documents filed with the SEC yesterday, Michael Egan, president of which owns Tralliance, lent them $250,000 on onerous terms to keep the company going. The terms of the loan allow him to increase the amount up to $3,000,000. It pays 10% interest, assuming theglobe had the cash to pay interest which is unlikely, and can be converted into stock at one cent per share. The filings say this loan is to provide working capital while they look for longer term financing.

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