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29 May 2007

It's Godaddy for Registerfly's domains ICANN

In a press release sent out this morning, Godaddy says they're the new registrar for Registerfly's former domains. Godaddy has their own issues, but they're one of the few registrars that could import that many domains quickly.

This should solve the problem for the RF customers whose registration data is correctly transferred over. But it still leaves in limbo those whose domains went into redemption or expired due to RF's inability to process renewals. There also seem to be a fair number of domains whose contact info is wrong due to incompetence or malice at RF. There doesn't yet seem to be any plan to clean up the rest of the mess.

There's nothing about this on the ICANN web site other than a blog entry on Friday proudly saying that they finally got RF's Kevin Medina to show up in court. Whoopee. But there's no reason to doubt what Godaddy has said.

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