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15 May 2009

Don't mess with the Manx ICANN
[A triskelion] I got a note from a college friend via Facebook yesterday, telling me about the clever domain. Gee, it looked just like Facebook, like, you know,
a phish. Uh oh.

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06 May 2009

A "G12" to oversee ICANN? Not likely ICANN
Viviane Redding, the Information Society and Media Commissioner for the EC posted a
video blog this week noting that the JPA between ICANN and the US Department of Commerce ends this September. In it she proposes that ICANN be overseen by a "G-12 for Internet Governance" with 12 geographically balanced government representatives from around the world. That's such a non-starter that I'm baffled that she would even propose it.

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