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15 May 2009

Don't mess with the Manx ICANN

[A triskelion] I got a note from a college friend via Facebook yesterday, telling me about the clever domain. Gee, it looked just like Facebook, like, you know, a phish. Uh oh.

So after I told my friend to change her password ASAP and pass the word along to anyone else who might have fallen for it, I dug up the .IM registry contacts from IANA and sent them a note about 7 PM asking them to turn off the phish domain. About an hour later they wrote back saying they'd done it, along with several other domains registered by the same guy, thanks for the notice and was there anything else they could do. Wow! If only every registry were that responsible.

Incidentally, I hear that the IOM is pretty much paradise if you like that kind of weather, which I do. ("Temperatures near 70, no relief in sight.") Maybe I should move there.

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