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22 Feb 2009

Does reading software turn a book into an audiobook? Copyright Law
Amazon recently released a new version of their popular Kindle e-book device. One of the improvements is that it includes text-to-speech software that can read an e-book aloud in a robotic voice. The Authors Guild, the main trade association of book authors, immediately
claimed infringes the author's copyright, by making an audiobook version of the book it's reading aloud. That's ridiculous.

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04 Feb 2009

ICANN blows $4.6 million in the stock market ICANN

If you visit the new dashboard on ICANN's web site, you see some nice bar charts, including one rather large negative number of $4,462,000. If you click the little arrow at the top of the Financial Performance chart, a footnote window pops open where the last sentence is:

The large variance to budget is due to investment losses of $4.6 mil.
Investment losses? Yup, ICANN's been speculating in the stock market, and has lost $4.6 million, or to put it in concrete terms, the 20 cent fee from 23 million domain registrations.

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