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13 Jul 2009

How unconscionable is the profit that Verisign makes from its registry? ICANN
Verisign makes a great deal of money from the .COM and .NET registries. Can we tell how much they make, and how much that might change if the
CFIT lawsuit succeeds? It's not hard to make some estimates from public information.

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04 Jul 2009

Three myths about DKIM Email
The DKIM standard has been out for two years now, and we're starting to see some adoption by large mail systems, but there's still a lot of misunderstanding about what DKIM does and doesn't do.

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02 Jul 2009

What are TLDs good for? ICANN
Yesterday I said that the original motivations for adding new TLDs were to break Verisign's monopoly on .COM, and to use domain names as directories. Competitive registrars broke the monopoly more effectively than any new domains, and the new domains that tried to be directories have failed. So what could a new TLD do?

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01 Jul 2009

Who needs more TLDs? ICANN
ICANN's Sydney meeting has come and gone, with the promised flood of new top-level domains claimed to be ever closer to reality. Does the world need more TLDs? Well, no.

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