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25 Jun 2012

Domain Registry of America is still at it ICANN

An ICANN-accredited registrar known variously as Domain Registry of America, Domain Registry of Canada, and Brandon James Internet is famous for sending out fake domain renewal notices. They are physically located west of Toronto, not far from the US border. Despite being sanctioned by both the Federal Trade Commission in the US and the Competition Bureau in Canada, they made minor adjustments to the notices, and in the latter case, changed their name, and kept at it.

Someone asked whether they're still sending out fake domain notices. Oh, yes, I have a stack of them about 10cm (that's four inches in the US) high. Click on the image to see the three that arrived in today's mail.

I have long said that something is deeply broken in ICANN's registration accreditation agreement and compliance process if they permit these scammers to continue for a decade under ICANN's nose. That hasn't changed either.

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