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28 Jan 2012

The state of mail database marketing Email

My mail server has a lot of spamtraps. They come from various sources, but one of the most prolific is bad addresses in personal domains. Several of my users have their own domains, such as my own, in which they use a handful of addresses. Those addresses tend either to be people's first names, for individual mailboxes, or else the names of companies. If I did business with Verizon (which I do not) I might give them an address like All those domains get mail to lots of other addresses, which is 100% spam.

The made up addresses are largely dictionary attacks, which is obvious when I see sequential spam to barry@, betsy@, and bruno@. Some of them are company addresses that leaked to spammers before the companies went out of business years ago. And some are just mysteries.

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22 Jan 2012

No, I'm not offering to tune your spam filters for free Email
Fortinet is a security appliance company in California. One of the services they offer to their thousands of customers is spam filtering, nothing odd about that. But I was rather startled to see this block at the top of an otherwise ordinary Russian language spam that arrived here from a poorly secured mail server in Malaysia

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08 Jan 2012

Reset, Refresh, Reinfect? Internet
The upcoming Windows 8
will include new features to Reset or Refresh your computer. Reset wipes out your entire disk and restores it to they way it was when the computer was new, Refresh keeps some files and settings, but wipes and restores everything else. Given the propensity of Windows machines to become overrun with malware, rogue toolbars, cramware, and other unwanted annoyances, a way to get rid of it all quickly seems like a great idea. But ...

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