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13 Jul 2012

Update on mail privacy lawsuits Internet
Last week I looked at
a lawsuit filed against Yahoo in Federal court in California, a class action claiming that Yahoo is wiretapping their users' mail, and noted that reports said that two other suits were filed in state court in Marin county.

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Silly Bing Internet

Bing is Microsoft's newish search engine, whose name I am reliably informed stands for Bing Is Not Google.

A couple of months ago, as an experiment, I put up a one page link farm at As should be apparent after about three seconds of clicking on the links there, each page has links to 12 other pages, with the page's host name made of three names, like The pages are generated by a small perl script and a database of a thousand first names. All the pages have the same IP address, although there could be about a billion (1000 cubed, since there are three names in each page name) possible domains. I forgot about it until earlier this week, when the disk with my web logs filled up.

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10 Jul 2012

Three more ill-advised lawsuits against mail providers Internet

Press reports say that three recently filed lawsuits claim that Google and Yahoo are illegally spying on the incoming mail of their webmail users. Two of the suits, Diamond vs. Google and Sutton et al. vs. Yahoo, are filed in Marin county court, the third, Penkava vs. Yahoo is in Federal court in San Jose.

I only have copies of the Penkava case, since the county court documents aren't online, but according to press reports all three make the same argument that the defendants are spying illegally on incoming mail, under the California Invasion of Privacy Act (CIPA.) So let's see how persuasive Penkava's arguments are.

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03 Jul 2012

Of course there will be an auction, part 2 ICANN
A few days ago
I opined that if several people want the same TLD and can't come to terms otherwise, they should arrange a private auction. It would be an odd sort of auction, since the buyers and sellers are the same people, so unlike normal auctions, the goal is not to maximize the selling price. How might it work?

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02 Jul 2012

CBC Ideas asks "Where is the Internet?" Internet

Ideas is a consistently interesting program on the CBC. On the June 11th show, host Barbara Nichol asked "Where is the Internet?"

I can say that she's an excellent interviewer because one of the people she interviewed was me. Listen to the show, including quite a lot of that interview, on their web site here.

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01 Jul 2012

Of course there will be an auction ICANN
The process for ICANN's new TLDs says that if there are several equally qualified applicants for a TLD, and they can't agree which one gets it, ICANN will hold an auction to decide. Recently some people
have suggested that the applicants could use a private auction instead. Well, of course. In a situation like this, the question isn't whether there will be an auction, but only who will keep the money.

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