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30 Nov 2012

Verisign dodges a bullet, gets to keep .COM pricing ICANN

According to a filing with the SEC, the Department of Commerce renewed the .COM agreement for six more years.

The renewal was held up until the last minute (the old agreement expires today) due to antitrust concerns, specifcally about pricing. The main change in the new agreement is that Verisign is no longer allowed to increase the price above the existing $7.85, except under some unlikely conditions such as an extremely expensive security problem, or Verisign persuades the government that the .COM domain is no longer dominant.

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29 Nov 2012

Making multi-language mail work (Part II) Email
In the
previous installment we looked at the software changes needed for mail servers to handle internationalized mail, generally abbreviated as EAI. When a message arrives, whether ASCII or EAI, mail servers generally drop it into a mailbox and let the user pick it up. The usual ways for mail programs to pick up mail are POP3 and IMAP4.

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18 Nov 2012

Making multi-language mail work Email
About a year ago I
blogged about the IETF's developing internationalized e-mail standards, generally abbreviated as EAI. At the IETF meeting a couple of weeks ago, EAI finally wrapped up its work, finishing a few nitpicky but important documents describing the ways that POP and IMAP servers handle mail with non-ASCII addresses and mailboxes. Now that we have the specs, what happens next?

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