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18 Feb 2012

How spamtraps work, maybe Email

This, uh, fell off a truck. I cannot vouch for its authenticity.

> Who wants to answer this one?
Oh, what the heck, tell him about it.
::---- snip ----

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07 Feb 2012

Phish or Fair? Internet
It shouldn't be a big surprise to hear that phishing is a big problem for banks. Criminals send email pretending to be a bank, and set up web sites that look a lot like a bank. One reason that phishing is possible is that e-mail has no built in security, so that if a mail message comes in purporting to be from, say,, there's no easy way to tell whether the message is really from, or from a crook. Mail authentication schemes like
DKIM and the new group use cryptographic signatures to help authenticate mail and prove that it really is from who it purports to be from. So, if the mail can authenticate the sender, the phishing problem goes away, right?

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02 Feb 2012

World notices that Verisign said three months ago that they had a security breach two years ago Internet

The trade press is abuzz today with reports about a security breach at Verisign. While a security breach at the company that runs .COM, .NET, and does the mechanical parts of managing the DNS root is interesting, this shouldn't be news, at least, not now.

Since Verisign is a public company, they file a financial report called a 10-Q with the SEC every quarter. According to the SEC's web site, Verisign filed their 10-Q for June through September 2011 on October 28th. where it's been available to the public ever since.

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