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17 Sep 2010

What are the most important spam legal decisions? Email

I'm working on a project to build a high quality online spam law archive. Finding the statutes is easy enough, but in the US you need case law as well. So what are the most important spam related court decisions?

Ones that occur to me include:

  • Gordon v. Virtumundo (9th circuit sets very high bar to CAN SPAM standing)
  • Omega World v. Mummagraphics (falsity must be material)
  • White Buffalo Ventures v. University of Texas at Austin (OK per 1st amendment for government to filter when acting as ISP rather than regulator)
  • Intel v. Hamidi (spam is not trespass without real damages)
  • Asis v. Optin Global/Azoogle (courts don't like sloppy serial plaintiffs)
  • Pallorium v. Jared (CDA protects anti-spam blacklists, state court version)
  • e360 v. Comcast (CDA protects spam filtering in general, federal court)
  • Cyberpromo v. AOL (old, but still the case that says there's no 1st amendment right to have e-mail delivered)

What else should I include?

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