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26 Feb 2010

Another reason not to buy mailing lists Email

A recent online article in BtoB magazine about Sending e-mail when you don't have an opt-in has caused quite a stir in the online marketing and anti-spam community, but perhaps not for the reasons the author hoped.

The article is about a company called Netprospex which sells and trades contact lists, for the specific purpose of marketing. Other people have noted that buying a list from them and mailing to it is a quick route to getting yourself booted off your provider, but I was idly wondering, since single messages to real people are generally OK, if their individual contacts were useful.

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16 Feb 2010

Looking for Jefferson's Moose, but not finding it ICANN

Law and policy professor David Post's book In Search of Jefferson's Moose looks at the growth of the Internet, using some aspects of the early history of the American republic as a metaphor. It received a lot of positive reviews when it came out last year.

I read it, and was surprised to find that the reviews all missed a critical detail: most of what he says about the Internet is just plain factually wrong, which discredits all his conclusions. You can read my full review here with the dismaying details.

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15 Feb 2010

No more free money: everything bad you've heard about Capital One is true Money

For the past couple of months, I've been trying an experiment in which I deposit "payment checks" from my credit card in my savings account, then pay off the account when the bill comes so I collect the savings interest. But not any more.

On Feb 4th, I paid the balance from last time, and on Feb 5th, Capital One's web site said my balance was zero and I had lots of credit. So on the 8th, the next time I was at the bank, I deposited this month's payment check. On the 11th Capital One bounced it. Huh?

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