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23 Nov 2013

Trying, and failing, to cash in my bitcoins Money
Having bought some Bitcoins, and then bought some coffee with them, the question was what to do with the rest of them.

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17 Nov 2013

Judge to Authors Guild: it's fair use. You lose. Copyright Law
Today the long running Authors Guild vs. Google case ended for all practical purposes. Judge Denny Chin, who has been patiently overseeing the case for nearly a decade, issued a short, clear
summary judgement ruling in which he agreed that the Guild had no credible arguments and granted Google's motion to dismiss.

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Buying coffee with Bitcoins Money
Having bought some Bitcoins, I figured I should try to buy something with them. Fortunately, the coffee shop in which the vending machine is located says you can pay with them. But I couldn't just walk over from the machine to the counter. First I needed to figure out how to use a wallet.

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10 Nov 2013

The Bitcoin vending machine Money
I was at IETF 88 last week in Vancouver. Probably not by coincidence, a coffee shop a few blocks away had just installed a Bitcoin vending machine, and since I've said lots of rude things about Bitcoins (which are still pet rocks only without the rocks) I figured I should go try it out.

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