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18 Jun 2013

Magazine agent list theft spam Email
Scientific American is a well known respectable magazine that's been around forever. So this is a normal renewal notice, right? Wrong. It's spam from a crooked subscription agent.

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11 Jun 2013

CAN SPAM issues in Zoobuh v. Better Broadcasting Email
Last week a Utah court issued
a default judgement under CAN SPAM in Zoobuh vs. Better Broadcasting et al. I think the court's opinion is pretty good, even though some observers such as very perceptive Venkat Balasubramani have reservations.

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10 Jun 2013

More on Liberty Reserve and Bitcoin Money

Bill Cole had some interesting comments on my Liberty Reserve post which are worth following up.

He noted that although all of the bitcoin transactions are in the public log, the wallets aren't, so if you sell someone your wallet, that's an anonymous transaction. While that's quite true, it also breaks one of the fundamental points of bitcoin which is that users don't have to trust each other.

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