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22 Apr 2013

Why I don't like LinkedIn, part XLXXVIII Email

LinkedIn is probably the most successful social network other than Facebook. They've carefully positioned themselves as the network for professionals. I've been a LinkedIn member for a long time, and have 735 connections (all people I actually know at least a little.)

Nonetheless, I am ever closer to closing my account and dumping the whole thing. Why? Because they are phenomenally annoying. Consider this message they just sent me:

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15 Apr 2013

There's nothing like a poke with a sharp stick Internet

Last week I blogged about a white paper Verisign sent ICANN called New gTLD Security and Stability Considerations in which they listed a bunch of reasons that ICANN isn't ready to roll out lots of new TLDs. Among the reasons were that several of the services the new GTLDs are required to use aren't available yet, including the Emergency Back End Registry Operators (EBEROs), who would take over the registry functions for a TLD whose operator failed. They were supposed to have been chosen in mid-2012.

By complete coincidence, yesterday ICANN announced that they had chosen the three Emergency Back End Registry Operators. I can't wait to see what happens next week.

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01 Apr 2013

ICANN announces Blocking Usage Review Panel ICANN

Culminating a year-long policy development process, ICANN today launched its new Blocking Usage Review Panel (BURP). The BURP provides long-needed oversight over services that block Internet traffic.

"While everyone understands that national laws such as the U.S. CAN SPAM define what traffic is or is not elegible to block, legal processes can be slow and cumbersome," said a spokeswoman. "Since the Internet is global and traffic often traverses multiple countries, the array of different laws cause uncertainty."

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