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26 Dec 2011

Filtering spam at the transport level Email
An interesting new paper from the Naval Postgraduate School (paper
here, conference slides here) describes what appears to be an interesting new twist on spam filtering, looking at the characteristics of the TCP session through which the mail is delivered.

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17 Dec 2011

Who's registering .XXX domains ICANN
ICANN has an obscure process called Zone File Access, which lets you get access to each top-level domain's zone file, which lists all of its second-level domains. I asked for access to .XXX several months ago, and my password arrived this afternoon.

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14 Dec 2011

Apparently endless free money from Capital One Money

A year and a half ago I blogged about my Capital One credit card's payment checks sent along with the monthly statement, that offered a free loan for about 45 days. Early last year I stopped because they sometimes bounce the checks even though the online statement says there's plenty of credit.

Since then, they stopped sending the checks, but I found that I could point and click on their web site and have them mail me a check, payable to me.

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07 Dec 2011

More on Greylisting still works Email
Last month I
blogged about greylisting, a well-known anti-spam technique for rejecting spam sent by botnets. When a mail server receives a an attempt to deliver mail from an IP address that's never sent mail before, it rejects the message with a "soft fail" error which tells the sender to try again later. Real mail senders always retry, badly written spamware often doesn't. I found that even though everyone knows about greylisting, about 2/3 of IPs don't successfully retry.

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