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26 Aug 2011

The design of the Domain Name System (Part II) - Exact and approximate name matching Internet
In the
previous installment, we looked at the overall design of the DNS. Today we'll look at the ways it does and does not allow clients to look up data by name.

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17 Aug 2011

How Not to Build a Mailing List Email

I've never claimed to be a marketing expert, but sometimes people leave me no choice.

Last week I got a note from a friend who works at a national non-profit which is an umbrella organization for many local chapters, which we'll call the ABC. (The details are disguised for reasons that will shortly be apparent.) The national organization has contact information for most of the chapter members, so they can send them the magazine. They've asked for e-mail addresses, although they haven't done much with them so far. They also run mailing lists for the chapter officers and the like.

So in last week's note, the friend said that they were thinking of starting an online newsletter, and would it be OK to send it to every address they have, or at least send an invitation to every address they have?. Of course not, that's Bad Marketer Syndrome.

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