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15 Oct 2008

Users don't like forwarded spam Email

A message on Dave Farber's Interesting People list complained that Comcast was blocking mail forwarded by Dyndns, a popular provider of DNS and related services for small-scale users.

... Wholesale blocking of all mail intended for customers from a particular intermediate distributor, merely because they route it through an external service that adds value.
In reponse, I opined:

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12 Oct 2008

Cluck, cluck ICANN
I've always been a fan of co-ops. In New York, we shop at and my wife banks at, in the UK we shop at So when the .COOP domain opened, I wondered if I could get my own clever domain name, but found that was taken by a small producer co-op in the southern U.S. Drat.

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10 Oct 2008

Interview on the Jaynes Reversal Email

Podcaster Speaking of Justice talked to me about the Virginia Supreme Court's reversal of the Jeremy Jaynes conviction.

Much of it will be familiar if you've read my previous blog entries, but some of it's not so you can listen to it here.

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