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26 Mar 2008

A third, more interesting round in E360 vs. Comcast Email
In the past week, Comcast filed an answer, denying all of E360's charges, and attached to it a motion to file a most impressive
counterclaim. The court granted the motion on Monday so the counterclaim has been filed. At about the same time, E360 filed its response to Comcast's previous motion to dismiss the suit due to its utter lack of legal merit.

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19 Mar 2008

More on the Soloway case Email
I've now read Soloway's
plea agreement. Despite some claims from his lawyers that it's some kind of victory that he only pleaded to three of the 40 charges, with the rest being dismissed, it's clear from the agreement that he indeed did just about everything that the government charged.

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15 Mar 2008

Robert Soloway pleads guilty Email
Large scale spammer Robert Soloway, whose criminal trial was scheduled to start in a week and a half, pled guilty to most of the charges against him.

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05 Mar 2008

Comcast fires back at E360 Email

Back in January, bulk mailer E360 filed a suit against giant cable ISP Comcast. This week Comcast responded with a withering response. (Copies available at Their memorandum of law wastes no time getting down to business:

Plaintiff is a spammer who refers to itself as a "internet marketing company," and is in the business of sending email solicitations and advertisements to millions of Internet users, including many of Comcast's subscribers.

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04 Mar 2008

The Anti-Phishing Consumer Protection Act of 2008 Email
Last week Sen. Snowe filed bill S.2661, the Anti-Phishing Consumer Protection Act of 2008, or APCPA. While its goals are laudable, I have my doubts about some of the details.

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03 Mar 2008

More on the Front Running Class Action Suit ICANN
Several people pointed out that although the suit still hasn't appeared in PACER, copies of the complaint are available online, including
this one at Lextext. Having read it, I'm rather underwhelmed.

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01 Mar 2008

Virginia Supreme Court Narrowly Upholds Jaynes' Conviction Email
Way back in 2004 the country's first criminal spam case, Commonwealth of Virginia v. Jaynes, convicted large scale spammer Jeremy Jaynes under the Virginia anti-spam law, and sentenced him to nine years in jail. I was the Commonwealth's technical expert and
wrote about my experience. Since then he's been working his way through the appeals process, losing at each stage. Today the Virginia Supreme Court handed down its decision. They upheld the conviction, but only by a single vote, 4-3.

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