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30 Nov 2005

European Union Holds .XXX Domain Hostage ICANN

In one of the more peculiar developments at this week's ICANN meeting, the ICANN board took the contentious .XXX domain off the agenda for the board meeting at the end of the week. Multiple sources say that the European Union threatened to withdraw all of their delegates to the Government Advisory Committee if the board didn't do so.

But Stuart Lawley, head of the ICM Registry that is proposing .XXX has told me that he spoke privately to the EU delegates, all of whom told him that they have no objection to .XXX, but are using the domain as a hostage in an argument with ICANN about ICANN's processes and the accuracy of information provided by ICANN to the EU.

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ICANN is sued over the settlement, twice ICANN

Update: The court denied the TRO request, saying that CFIT "has not shown that the need for immediate relief is clear." Instead the judge treated the request as notice for preliminary injunction, with papers to be served by December 5th, and a hearing on February 10th.

Yesterday, two separate suits to stop the settlement were filed by newly created organizations, Coalition for ICANN Transparency and World Association of Domain Name Developers. I'm reading the complaints and will post an analysis when I have a chance.

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20 Nov 2005

CAN SPAM puts a spammer in jail Email
In a hitherto little noticed case, Florida spammer Peter Moshou was sentenced to a year in jail and a $120,000 fine for violating the CAN SPAM act. Like
the Jaynes case in which I was a witness, this case was only possible because a large ISP did most of the work.

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WSIS hands ICANN some rope ICANN
Months of political maneuvering have led up to the ITU WSIS meeting in Tunis, with increasing political pressure to pry control of the Internet from ICANN and the US government. Even if you grant that ICANN had the control to give up (which it doesn't, but we'll talk about that some other time), all the arguing about governance distracted from the original goal of WSIS which was to improve Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the third world. The day before the meeting started,
the meeting's agenda appeared, cleverly phrased so that everyone can declare victory even though nothing's changed, and they can get back to the real work of WSIS.

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16 Nov 2005

Knowledge@Wharton on Google Print Copyright Law

The Knowledge@Wharton newsletter published by the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania has an interesting article on the Google Print cases.

Professor Kevin Werbach offers a fine capsule summary of the case:

"Google is clearly going out on a limb with respect to copyright. The limb may well hold, which I think would be the better result as a matter of public policy. On the other hand, the limb could easily break. The courts will decide."

They also excerpt an interview with Pat Schroder, president of the AAP which filed the second case:

"snippet" isn't a legal term and could evolve from meaning a sentence to meaning a complete chapter.

I read that to say that what Google is doing is OK, and even though there's no evidence that they plan to do anything else, we need to stop them just because of what they might do. I hope the judge has enough sense to recognize a cloud of smoke when he or she sees it.

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06 Nov 2005

Google hasn't quite resumed scanning after all Copyright Law

An article in CNET reports that Google hasn't resumed scanning library books. They say it's ``an operational thing'' and confirm that when they do resume, they'll be scanning older books rather than those that are still in print.

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02 Nov 2005

What's wrong with the VRSN settlement, let me count the ways ICANN
There's so many bad things in the proposed settlement and contract that it's hard to keep track, so I'll try to make a list. If you can think of things I left out, drop me a note and I'll update it.

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01 Nov 2005

Google resumes scanning books Copyright Law
An article on page B1 of today's Wall Street Journal reports that Google is resuming their Google Print for Libraries project. They say they're concentrating on books that are out of print, and now say that was always the plan. For books in print, they say they're asking permission, presumably for the existing publisher's program.

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