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16 Nov 2005

Knowledge@Wharton on Google Print Copyright Law

The Knowledge@Wharton newsletter published by the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania has an interesting article on the Google Print cases.

Professor Kevin Werbach offers a fine capsule summary of the case:

"Google is clearly going out on a limb with respect to copyright. The limb may well hold, which I think would be the better result as a matter of public policy. On the other hand, the limb could easily break. The courts will decide."

They also excerpt an interview with Pat Schroder, president of the AAP which filed the second case:

"snippet" isn't a legal term and could evolve from meaning a sentence to meaning a complete chapter.

I read that to say that what Google is doing is OK, and even though there's no evidence that they plan to do anything else, we need to stop them just because of what they might do. I hope the judge has enough sense to recognize a cloud of smoke when he or she sees it.

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