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25 Sep 2005

Oklahoma man wins $10 million judgement against a spammer Email
On Thursday the 22nd, Robert Braver, an Oklahoma ISP owner who is a long time activist against both spam and junk faxes, received a default judgement of over $10 million against high profile spammer Robert Soloway and his company Newport Internet Marketing. Soloway has frequently been cited as one of the ten largest spammers in the world.

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06 Sep 2005

Blue Security Missing in Action Email

Blue Security was scheduled to give a talk on the 4th at TAUSEC, the Security and Computer Forensics Forum at Tel-Aviv University in Israel. This would have been an excellent chance for Blue Security's developers, who work nearby in Herzliya Pituach, to describe what they accomplished to a knowledgable audience.

Unforunately, they cancelled at the last minute with no explanation. Oh, well.

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