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29 Dec 2005

Blue Security's anti-anti-spam scheme Email

A new company called Blue Security purports to have an innovative approach to getting rid of spam. I don't think much of it. As I said to an Associated Press reporter:

"It's the worst kind of vigilante approach," said John Levine, a board member with the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-mail. "Deliberate attacks against people's Web sites are illegal."
Before they started their current scheme they contacted every anti-spam organization around, including CAUCE where I'm a board member, trying to find someone who would sponsor their scheme. Everyone including CAUCE said no. Since they announced their plan as a separate company, it is my understanding that at least two and maybe three web hosts have booted them off due to their abusive plans.

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FTC says CAN SPAM is working. Are they kidding? Email
In the CAN SPAM act, the Congress told the FTC to report back and tell them how it was working. Last week, the FTC sent out a press release about
some anti-spam projects they're doing with the states and the Canadian competition bureau and mentioned, oh, by the way, we released this report, which says that CAN SPAM is working pretty well. I certainly haven't seen any drop in the amount of spam showing up at my mail server. Has the FTC lost their minds? Nope, but this reminds me that CAN SPAM was intended to do many things, but stop spam was not one of them.

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26 Dec 2005

Seasons Xmas

We're taking a few days off for the holiday. Until then, we wish a joyous holiday season to our readers in the religious and/or cultural mode(s) you may choose to embrace, and we'll be back next week.

The Queen's Annual Message to the Commonwealth is well worth reading, whether or not you're a Commonwealth citizen (we're not) for its heartfelt thoughts about what Christmas means at the end of this difficult year.

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12 Dec 2005

Ed Hasbrouck makes the ICANN board follow its rules ICANN
Ed is a travel journalist who's been writing about travel in general and online travel in particular for many years. Two years ago he challenged ICANN's delegation of .TRAVEL, the board ignored him, and he's been pestering them ever since.

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03 Dec 2005

Notes on the ICANN ALAC meeting with the board ICANN
For the first time in the ALAC's history, it had a short joint meeting with the ICANN board of directors. The meeting was open, and Bret Fausett has a
podcast of the meeting available. We spent most of the hour discussing the contentious Verisign settlement proposal, and the statement that the ALAC made, commenting on the proposal.

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02 Dec 2005

Splitting the root -- it's too late ICANN
One of the consistent chants we've always heard from ICANN is that there has to be a single DNS root, so everyone sees the same set of names on the net, a sentiment with which I agree. Unfortunately, I discovered at this week's ICANN meeting that due to ICANN's inaction, it's already too late.

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