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01 Jun 2011

Introducing the Inbox Project Email

For many years, the Cornell Legal Information Institute (LII) has been a premier source of reference information about laws in the US and elsewhere. It's been around so long that in its early days, they wrote the first Windows web browser, Cello, so non-Unix users could get to the site.

One day last year, LII director Tom Bruce and I were talking over breakfast, and noted that there was no authoritative online source of legal information about spam and e-mail, something that the LII and CAUCE are, together, uniquely qualified to create. The Inbox Project is a new section of the LII web site, meeting that need.

We intend for it to be comprehensive, growing to cover not just spam-related state and US law in the United States, but laws in countries around the world, since spam is a global problem. It will be authoritative, researched and written by well-qualified students at the Cornell Law School, with advice from CAUCE. And it will be stable, with an ongoing process to keep it accurate and up to date. The project currently covers US and Canadian law, with case law and laws from other countries added as the students research and analyze them.

Point your browser at the Inbox Project web sitewhere there's already a lot to see.

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