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01 Mar 2015

The DNS still isn't a directory ICANN
Back in the mid 1990s, before ICANN was invented, a lot of people assumed that the way you would find stuff on the Internet would be through the Domain Name System. It wasn't a ridiculous idea at the time. The most popular way to look for stuff was through manually managed directories like Yahoo's, but they couldn't keep up with the rapidly growing World Wide Web. Search engines had been around since 1994, but they were either underpowered and missed a lot of stuff, or else produced a blizzard of marginally relevant results. (Brin and Page wouldn't publish their billion dollar PageRank idea until 1998.) Moreover, web browsers had started to do domain guessing, so if you entered, say, pickles in your browser's address bar, it would take you to

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27 Feb 2015

With .APP, ICANN's auction piggy bank just got even bigger ICANN
reports that Google paid over $25 million for .APP in the February 25 domain auction. They were willing to bid $30M, but it's a second bid auction so that was just enough to beat out whoever the second highest bidder was. The auction proceeds piggy bank just nearly doubled from $34M to about $59M dollars, and ICANN still has no idea what to do with it. Since there are still a lot more domain conflicts yet to be resolved, some for likely high bid names like .SEARCH and .WEB, it still seems possible that the final haul could be as much as $100M.

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17 Dec 2014

Thirty-three million and counting ICANN
Two weeks ago I
blogged about ICANN's astonishingly lucrative domain auctions. At that time, they'd raised $26.7 million. Now, two auctions later, they're up to about $33 million.

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10 Dec 2014

No ICANN transition until 2017, and probably not then either ICANN

The current US Congress isn't very good at getting things done, which means that they delay even their most essential activities to the last minute. One of the more essential of their activities is appropriating the money to run the government, so in keeping with recent practice, a continuing resolution to fund the government through next year was published yesterday (Tuesday), two full days before the previous resolution runs out and the government would shut down.

Congressmen often attach riders to these "must pass" bills that they could never pass separately. This resolution has a rider on page 214 that says:

(a) None of the funds made available by this Act may be used to relinquish the responsibility of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration during fiscal year 2015 with respect to Internet domain name system functions, including responsibility with respect to the authoritative root zone file and the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority functions.
(b) Subsection (a) of this section shall expire on September 30, 2015.
Some observers have argued that this is no big deal, the transition probably wouldn't be ready until next September anyway, it can go ahead then. They are wrong. It will be a long, long time until the NTIA lets go of ICANN.

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01 Dec 2014

What would you do with $50 million? ICANN
ICANN got over 1900 applications for new TLDs, and several hundred of those applications were from different people who wanted the same names. Since everything about the new TLDs is complicated, the rules for handling name conflicts are complicated.

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