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24 Jul 2015

Dot SUCKS: the ultimate vanity domain ICANN

When last we wrote, trademark lawyers had written an outraged letter to ICANN about the $2500 price to preregister names, and ICANN, reliably panicking in the face of legal threats, wrote to the US Federal Trade Commission and Canadian Office of Consumer Affairs saying please tell us that's illegal so we can shut down this registry with whom we just signed a long-term contract. (The mysterious $1 surcharge turned out to be a weak attempt by ICANN to collect debts that affiliates of registry owner Momentous defaulted on long ago.)

Now they're back in the news, with a poorly researched Boston Globe article prompted by a billboard near Fenway Park. The FTC wrote back in May and the OCA wrote in June, the former expressing a total lack of sympathy at great length, the latter with a two paragraph form letter.

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18 Jul 2015

Are apps a passing phase? Internet
NetHui last week one of the most interesting sessions was Is there an app for that?. The issue was that while apps can be easy to use, they are little walled gardens within an app store which is another level of walled garden.

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14 Jul 2015

A visit to NetHui 2015 Internet

Last week I was in Auckland NZ for the Internet Society board meeting and the impressively successful InterCommunity 2015 online event. Immediately after that (in the same room, even) was NetHui 2015, an annual event about the Internet by and for New Zealanders.

NZ is an unusual place. It has the population of Louisiana spread out over an area the size of California, with about 1/3 of them in and near Auckland and the south island still very sparsely settled, with a population still small enough that it feels like everyone knows everyone else. It is as developed as any other first world country, but is a long way from other similarly developed countries. (Australia is 3 1/2 hours away by air.) It has close connections to many small Pacific islands, and has a significant number of Maori, who have gained considerable economic influence in recent decades.

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15 Jun 2015

The cycle of e-mail security Email

Stepping back from the DMARC arguments, it occurs to me that there is a predictable cycle with every new e-mail security technology.

1. Invention and enthusiasm

Someone invents a new way to make e-mail more secure, call it SPF or DKIM or DMARC or (this month's mini-fiasco) PGP in DANE. Each scheme has a model of the way that mail works. For some subset of e-mail, the model works great, for other mail it works less great.

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10 Jun 2015

Rodney Joffe wins a well-deserved Mary Litynski award Internet

Every year M3AAWG gives an award for lifetime work in fighting abuse and making the Internet a better place. Yesterday at its Dublin meeting they awarded it to Rodney Joffe, who has been quietly working for over 20 years. I can't imagine anyone who deserves it more.

Since he wasn't able to attend in person, they made a video of an informal interview in which he recounts a lot of what he's done, with a few comments from his friends.

Also see Laura Atkins' story about how Rodney got her into the anti-abuse world.

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