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11 Oct 2015

That was quick ICANN

ICANN recently placed a new page on their web site that tracks gTLD registries that are shutting down. It already has an entry, .DOOSAN.

Doosan is a South Korean conglomerate that mostly makes industrial equipment and related products. It's better known outside of Korea through the names of its subsidiaries such as Bobcat in the U.S.

Doosan applied for .DOOSAN, presumably paying $180,000, went through the whole process, signed a registry contract in April 2014, got the TLD up and running, passed all the technical tests, went through the mandatory sunrise and trademark claim periods even though it's a corporate vanity domain, and in June 2015, it was all set and ready to go.

But then--nothing. They never added any names other than the mandatory, and on September 3, they wrote to ICANN to terminate the registry. ICANN sensibly decided that since the TLD has no registrations and the Doosan name is protected by trademarks all over the world, nobody else could run it and they'll shut it down.

What happened? Doosan must have spent the better part of a million dollars to get their TLD, then after the point where the ongoing costs would be fairly cheap, they quit. They're a huge company, they can easily afford what it cost.

I've never seen much value in vanity .brand domains. Now it seems at least one large company has thought about it and agrees.

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