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15 May 2020

One last try to fix the Malwarebytes decision Internet
Back in 2017, Enigma Software sued competitor Malwarebytes claiming that Malwarebytes flagged Enigma's software as "Potentially Unwanted Programs" for anticomptitive reasons. (I gather Malwarebytes had good reasons to flag it but they're not relevant here.) The district court dismissed the suit on section 230 grounds that Malwarebytes found the Enigma software "otherwise objectionable" and the law gave Malwarebytes immunity from being sued.

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10 May 2020

In Australia, Google might be defaming everyone Internet

In a widely reported decision last week, a court in Melbourne, Australia held that Google defamed someone merely for including in its index three web pages it did not create, including an article from a major newspaper and a Wikipedia article.

The plaintiff, George Defteros, is a lawyer who defended gangsters in 2004, and was arrested for murder of one of them. The charges were dropped in 2005. In recent years he has had an uncontroversial legal career.

This case is somewhat similar to right to be forgotten cases in Europe. According to the
100 page decision, Defteros sued Google in 2016 about four links, one to a 2004 opinion piece about the arrest in the Age, a Melbourne newspaper, the second to another Age article linked from the first but not directly from Google, the third to a vulgar private site with some comments about him, and the fourth to a Wikipedia article about the Melbourne gang wars which had a footnote that linked to the first Age article.

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