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07 Apr 2014

Yahoo addresses a security problem by breaking every mailing list in the world Email
DMARC is what one might call an emerging e-mail security scheme. It's emerging pretty fast, since many of the largest mail systems in the world have already implemented it, including Gmail, Hotmail/MSN/Outlook, Comcast, and Yahoo.

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23 Jan 2014

Fine grained mail filtering with IPv6 Email

One of the hottest topics in the email biz these days (insofar as any topic is hot) is how we will deal with mail on IPv6 networks. On existing IPv4 networks, one of the most effective anti-spam techniques is DNSBLs, blackists (or blocklists) that list IP addresses that send only or mostly spam, or whose owners have stated that they shouldn't be sending mail at all. DNSBLs are among the cheapest of anti-spam techniques since they can be applied to incoming mail connections without having to receive or filter spam. On my system about 85% of incoming IPv4 mail connections are handled by DNSBLS, and I gather that number is pretty typical.

On IPv6, DNSBLs can't work the same way.

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23 Dec 2013

The naive arrogance of FUSSPs Email
Everyone who's been in the e-mail biz long enough knows the term FUSSP, Final Ultimate Solution to the Spam Problem, as described in a checklist from
Vern Schryver and a form response that's been floating around the net for a decade.

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28 Oct 2013

The DMA sends e-mail that's memorable, but not in a good way Email
The Direct Marketing Organization (DMA) is the trade association for companies that advertise by paper junk mail. They were the driving force behind the weak opt-out CAN SPAM act, which kept a much stronger California law from going into effect. For a while about a decade ago it sponsored a useless do-not-spam database which was supposed to solve the spam problem. But yesterday, the DMA reminded us how well they really understand e-mail marketing.

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16 Sep 2013

How not to stop spammers Email

Spam Arrest is a company that sells an anti-spam service. They attempted to sue some spammers and, as has been widely reported, lost badly. This case emphasizes three points that litigious antispammers seem not to grasp:

  • Under CAN SPAM, a lot of spam is legal.
  • Judges hate plaintiffs who try to be too clever, and hate sloppy preparation even more.
  • Never, ever, file a spam suit in Seattle.

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