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14 Apr 2014

The Authors Guild Enters a Parallel Reality Copyright Law

I used to say to our audiences: "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it!"
- Upton Sinclair, I, Candidate for Governor: And how I Got Licked, (1935), p. 109
In November, the Authors Guild suffered a
crushing defeat in their long running suit against Google's book scanning project, with a broad decision agreeing with Google that the scans are protected by fair use. Not surprisingly, they're making a last ditch appeal to the Second Circuit. While I see no realistic chance of them winning, not least because Judge Chin who wrote that decision is now a well respected member of the court to which they are appealing, it's always interesting to see how they think they'll get the court to reverse. Having read their brief, all I can say is, it's really strange.

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17 Nov 2013

Judge to Authors Guild: it's fair use. You lose. Copyright Law
Today the long running Authors Guild vs. Google case ended for all practical purposes. Judge Denny Chin, who has been patiently overseeing the case for nearly a decade, issued a short, clear
summary judgement ruling in which he agreed that the Guild had no credible arguments and granted Google's motion to dismiss.

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01 Jul 2013

Google Books case part 4,523: decide fair use first Copyright Law
The endless lawsuit by the Authors Guild (which purports to represent authors, no longer including me), against Google moved another small step toward completion today.

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04 Oct 2012

Publishers settle with Google Copyright Law

Google's book scanning project has been the subject of two long running lawsuits. One of them, from a group of publishers settled today.

Articles in Publisher's Weekly and the New York Times note that although the terms of the settlement are confidential, it's very unlikely that the publishers got much more than what Google already offered.

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24 Mar 2011

Judge Chin shoves the Google settlement toward sanity Copyright Law
The Google book settlement has been grinding through the courts since the Authors' Guild and Association of American Publishers (AAP) sued them in a class action in 2005, and they came to a tentative settlement in 2008. Yesterday Judge Denny Chin once again rejected the proposed settlement, with a strong hint about how to fix it. Fortunately for the American public, Judge Chin is an excellent judge with a deep understanding of the issues, and his
opinion makes it clear what all the problems with the proposed settlement are.

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