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13 Jul 2012

Update on mail privacy lawsuits Internet

Last week I looked at a lawsuit filed against Yahoo in Federal court in California, a class action claiming that Yahoo is wiretapping their users' mail, and noted that reports said that two other suits were filed in state court in Marin county.

A friend got me copies of the two state suits, which turn out to be almost word for word the same as the Federal suit, not very surprising since they're filed by the same lawyers. Since they're making the same claims under the same laws, with the only difference being that the state plaintiffs live in California, and the Federal plaintiff lives in Alabama, the same analysis applies: they're misreading the law, and have no chance of success.

At this point some bloggers would speculate about whether the attorneys think this is a real suit, or it's a publicity stunt, or they hope that the defendants will pay them to go away because it's cheaper than fighting in court. But I'll just wait and see.

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