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01 Dec 2010

FCC Chairman wants ISPs to deliver spam Internet

An article in the New York Times reports on FCC Chair Julius Genachowski's plan to regulate ISPs to be "neutral."

The text of his speech says:

Thus, the proposed framework would prohibit the blocking of lawful content, ...

He probably didn't intend to require that all CAN SPAM compliant spam be delivered, but that's what his words mean, since that variety of spam is legal in the U.S.

I can't see how the FCC can do this, since there is specific statute law that says that spam blocking is allowed, but it sure will create headaches for ISPs as spammers complain to the FCC about blocking their junk.

The Republicans in Congress (not usually my heros) will probably shoot this down, but if it shows any chances of going somewhere, it'll be bad.

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