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31 Jul 2014

More on Why Iran is not going to lose the .IR domain ICANN

Earlier this month I wrote about some ill considered legal moves by an attorney who imagined that ICANN could be forced to turn over the .IR domain in a long running case against the Iranian government.

Yesterday ICANN published their responses to this action, and several others that attempted to claim the .SY (Syria) and .KP (North Korea) country domains.

Their response is pretty much what I expected. They say they have no Iranian or Syrian or North Korean assets and couldn't turn over the domains if they wanted. There's considerably more legal argument, starting with an assertion that none of the requests are even valid, since none of them have the court approval required for this rather unusual kind of action.

This throws it all back in the lap of the court in Washington DC, where it's up to the judge to decide what to do next. It's possible the judge will just throw out all of the action against ICANN, either because of the technical defects of the writs or because he agrees with ICANN's response. Or it's not out of the question that he'll allow the plaintiffs to correct the defects and go another round.

Stay tuned.

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