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14 Nov 2008

ICANN finally turfs EstDomains ICANN

After all the uncomplimentary things I've said about ICANN, in fairness I should acknowledge that they do, finally, seem to have terminated famously sleazy registrar EstDomains, brushing off last ditch attempts by its owner to claim that his conviction for fraud was under appeal and that he wasn't an officer any more. His conviction was nine months ago, and there's well documented evidence of years of involvement in crime ranging from phishing to child porn, but better late than never.

I remain interested to see what, if anything, ICANN plans to do about registrar DynamicDolphin, whose owner also has been convicted of a felony.

Followup Note: On 24 November, the 281,000 domains registered by EstDomains become available to transfer to any other registrar who wants them. But who'd want a portfolio of domains that are mostly notable for being used for criminal purposes? What if no other registrar wants them? Are they all just deleted? Go into limbo? If they're in limbo, how could a registrant take them out of limbo? Does ICANN have a plan? Stay tuned and in two weeks we'll find out.

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