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13 Oct 2014

ICANN WHOIS Compliance -- legend or myth? ICANN

Every once in a while, when I come across a domain whose WHOIS is particularly bad, I send it in to ICANN's WDPRS reporting system. So here is the entire entry for the domain

Domain Name :
Registrant :
Domain Name Server :
For more information,please go to:

(If you visit that web site, it's not much more informative, other than saying that the registrant is ENAME TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.)

So I sent in a report saying that it was missing, well, everything. And here's what I got back from ICANN:

Dear Reporter,

Thank you for submitting a Whois Data Problem Report concerning the domain name

ICANN has reviewed and closed your complaint because it does not meet the criteria for a valid Whois Data Problem Report. Specifically, your complaint was closed because it:

  • is incomplete (i.e., lacks sufficient detail)
  • is too broad (i.e., lacks sufficient specificity)

If you have reason to believe that your complaint should not be closed, please forward your copy of this e-mail, along with any other relevant information, to ICANN Contractual Compliance at ICANN will review your submission and, if appropriate, forward it to the registrar to ensure compliance.


Khalil Rasheed
ICANN Contractual Compliance

Who knew? If your WHOIS has no information at all, you're all set, because the complaints are "too broad."

If anyone knows "Khalil Rasheed" or his boss, you might suggest to them that they work on dealing with reports rather than just blowing them off. I have heard that under the new régime, compliance is now a priority, but perhaps word hasn't filtered down to the ranks yet.

Update: A week and a half later someone at ICANN compliance wrote back and said

ICANN acknowledges receipt of your email and complaint concerning the Whois data for the domain name . The complaint will be reviewed again and processed according to ICANN's standard approach (see

I'll let you know what if anything happens. Spot checks suggest that ename's WHOIS is totally broken and returns no contact information for anyone.

Update (Oct 2014): ICANN wrote back several weeks later saying that ename had fixed their WHOIS, which they had, and as far as I can tell it's worked ever since.

In October 2014, Mr. Rasheed called me out of the blue and apparently wanted to do sommething about this long closed 19 month old complaint. I said no thanks.

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