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12 Dec 2005

Ed Hasbrouck makes the ICANN board follow its rules ICANN

Ed is a travel journalist who's been writing about travel in general and online travel in particular for many years. Two years ago he challenged ICANN's delegation of .TRAVEL, the board ignored him, and he's been pestering them ever since.

Although he can be a bit strident, his basic argument, described in his blog is pretty simple: the ICANN bylaws provide for an independent review procedure of board actions, Ed's asked for such a review, and the board has egregiously failed to provide one. At the Vancouver meeting he stood up at the public forum and shamed them into responding, which ICANN counsel John Jeffries did by email (despite, as Ed notes, the fact that they were the same room and could easily have just talked to each other.)

Now they're skirmishing about who'll do the review and who will pay for it, again with the board being about as uncooperative as one could imagine.

I doubt that an IRP would find the delegation of .TRAVEL to have been botched so badly as to merit undoing it, but the board would do itself and the Internet community a large favor if it simply followed its own rules, set up a reasonable IRP procedure, and used it. Predictable processes are a large part of what makes a governance organization legitimate, and in this case it's hard to see any reason not to have some.

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