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17 Dec 2014

Thirty-three million and counting ICANN

Two weeks ago I blogged about ICANN's astonishingly lucrative domain auctions. At that time, they'd raised $26.7 million. Now, two auctions later, they're up to about $33 million.

Yesterday's two auctions were for .MLS and .BABY. The former, for those who aren't deep into the real estate biz, stands for Multiple Listing Service, the system that lets you list a house with one broker, and all the other brokers can sell it. The Canadian MLS association filed two applications, one community supported and one not. ICANN rejected the community one on the (not unreasonable) grounds that MLS meant a lot of things other than Canadian real estate, from multiple listing services other places to Major League Soccer. The Canadians went up against Afilias, and after six rounds paid $3,359,000 for their TLD.

The other was .BABY, with six applicants. It also went six rounds, with winner healthcare giant Johnson and Johnson, maker of Johnson's Baby Oil (despite its name not made from actual babies) for $3,088,888.

Add those to the previous haul and ICANN's now got about $33 million. There are still five more auction dates running through May 2015. The current schedule has 30 names set to be auctioned, and 20 more with auctions scheduled but on hold at the request of the applicants, presumably to see if they can work something out. Another 28 are not yet eligible for auction for various reasons, mostly unresolved third party objections.

At this rate, $50 million seems conservative. What would you do with $100 million?

posted at: 22:37 :: permanent link to this entry :: 1 comments
posted at: 22:37 :: permanent link to this entry :: 1 comments

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Grumpy Old Sysadmin
"What would you [ICANN] do with $100 million?"

1. Hire minimally competent management. 2. Train all staff on how to detect phishing and to always suspect it. 3. Commission a book: "How To Run A Lawfully-Ordained Internet Extortion Racket, For Dummies"

(If you get offered the commission, you owe me a cut...)

(by Bill Cole 18 Dec 2014 13:08)

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