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28 Jan 2016

Now we're talking about some serious money ICANN

ICANN has now published the results of the auction for .SHOP, an eye-popping $41,501,000.

This pushes the ICANN's auction pot over $100 million. That's a lot of money. There are eighteen more name contention sets that are on hold for various reasons, of which a few such as .WEB look likely to generate even more money once the hold issues are resolved.

Last month ICANN published a summary of the comments on the September report on what to do with the auction proceeds. Some of the comments were reasonable, such as one to use part of the money to fund the IETF endowment, some were rather self-serving such as use the money to promote new gTLDs, but overall there wasn't much surprising. Some was obvious but probably worth saying like treat it as a one-time windfall and don't use it to fill gaps in ongoing operations.

I gather the next step is to charter a Cross-Community Working Group (not to be confused the other CCWGs such as future-of-IANA one) that will then proceed through some process. No word on that yet.

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