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02 Dec 2012

Tweeting to raise the dead Email

I have a twitter account that I hardly ever use. I set it up a while ago when I was debugging some tweeting scripts, such as the one that tweets new posts to this blog, and I only use it now on the rare occasions when I change something in the scripts. (Feel free to follow it, but don't hold your breath.) I've turned off all the message options for that account, so I was somewhat surprised to get this:

From: Twitter <>
To: Test Account <xxx@xxx>
Subject: Discover more on Twitter!
Hey Test Account (@svictest), Twitter has suggestions for you!
Did you know that Twitter generates personalized Who To Follow
suggestions for you? Following the ones you like will help you stay
informed on what matters most to you today and discover what might
matter to you most tomorrow.
Curious to know who you're missing on Twitter right now?
View all suggestions for you:
Visit your Twitter home page:
Forgot your Twitter password?:
If you received this message in error and did not sign up for a
Twitter account, click on the url below:
Need help with something? Visit our help center:
Forgot your Twitter password? Get instructions on how to reset it:
You can also unsubscribe to these emails or change your notification settings:

So if I turned off all the mail, why were they sending me this? I clicked on the unsubscribe link, and all was explained:

Send resurrection offers, huh? Nice try, but I'm still dead, not pining for the fjords. And since I told them not to send me any mail, it's spam. Pfui.

(Do people really respond to this stuff? Everyone I know finds it totally irritating.)

posted at: 13:01 :: permanent link to this entry :: 2 comments
posted at: 13:01 ::
permanent link to this entry :: 2 comments

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I think you are being a bit too sensitive. Sounds to me like Twitter is doing a well-deserved comb through prior to deleting some inactive accounts.

(by neil 02 Dec 2012 13:16)

Does Twitter ever delete inactive accounts? Seems to me that if that were their purpose, they'd have given a hint that I need to do something or the account will go away.

(by John L 02 Dec 2012 13:19)

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